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Welcome to Quest

At Quest Search and Selection we source the world’s best candidates for the global Retail and Consumer Goods sectors.

Our outstanding reputation is built on our in-depth understanding of the industry and our consultants’ unrivalled knowledge, expertise, discretion and integrity. We have an extensive network of contacts including a unique, proprietary database of over 700,000 candidates.

With offices in the UK and Dubai our recruiters cover the globe, we place candidates  locally and internationally for a wide variety of roles within the Retail and Consumer Goods sectors, including

  • Buying and Merchandising
  • E-commerce and Digital
  • Fashion Design and Technical
  • Human Resources and Recruitment
  • Media and Advertising
  • Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Stores and Operations
  • Wholesale, Technical and New Product Development

We work in partnership with our clients to recruit the world’s best senior and executive candidates.

Why Quest?

  • Unrivalled knowledge of the Retail and Consumer Goods sectors
  • Over 20 years’ experience in finding top talent
  • A database of over 700,000 candidates
  • A strong team of experienced account managers
  • International offices in the UK and Middle East
  • Recommended by the world’s leading retail businesses
  • 90% repeat business

Latest Jobs

Trading Manager
£0 - Harrow, Middlesex Ref: Q98005 | Published: 27th Apr 2015

An excellent opportunity has opened for a Trading Manager to join UKs leading convenience store group. As the Trading Manager, you will be developing, implementing, ...

Brand Manager
£40,000 - £50,000 - Dubai, Dubai Ref: Q97967 | Published: 27th Apr 2015

TITLE Brand Manager SALARY £30,000 - 45,000 LOCATION UAE Ref.97967 The Gulfs leading Sportswear Retailer is currently recruiting for an innovative Brand Manager t...

Copywriter - Digital Creative Agency
£999,999 - Dubai, Dubai Ref: Q97960 | Published: 27th Apr 2015

A digital marketing agency that works with brands to bridge the gap between shifting technology and cutting-edge creative ideas is looking for a COPYWRITER to join th...

Head of Visual Merchandising
£90,000 - £110,000 - London, London Ref: Q98002 | Published: 26th Apr 2015

Title: Head of Visual Merchandising Salary: £80, 000 - £100, 000 Location: London Ref# 98002 A major international retail business in clothing and fashion. They ar...

Store Design Manager
£60,000 - £75,000 - London, London Ref: Q98003 | Published: 26th Apr 2015

Title: Store Design Manager Salary: £60, 000 - £75, 000 + Benefits Location: London Ref# 98003 A large clothing retailer looking to hire an experienced Senior Store...

Head of Planning
£75,000 - £85,000 - London, London Ref: Q98000 | Published: 26th Apr 2015

Title: Head of Planning Salary: £75, 000 - £85, 000 + Benefits Location: London Ref# 98000 This large fashion retailer is looking to hire a talented Head of Planning...

Online Senior Buyer
£0 - Surrey, Surrey Ref: Q97993 | Published: 26th Apr 2015

A leading high-street retailer is looking for an Online Senior Buyer to manage one of their Branded and Own Label FMCG categories.This is an exciting new opportunity ...

Store Manager
£16,000 - £18,000 - Rhayader, Powys Ref: Q97991 | Published: 26th Apr 2015

A well recognised convenience retailer in the UK is looking to hire a Store Manager for their store in As Store Manager your responsibilities will include: Oversee...

Assistant General Manager x2 (Portsmouth)
£18,000 - £35,000 - Hampshire, Hampshire Ref: Q97936 | Published: 24th Apr 2015

This worldwide fashion and lifestyle retailer is looking for a exceptional assistant manager to deliver in one of their most high profile stores in Hampshire. This is...

Assistant Designer (Older Boys) - maternity cover
£25,000 - £30,000 - East Midlands, Ref: Q97980 | Published: 24th Apr 2015

One of the UK's leading retailers requires an experienced Assistant Designer to join its busy design team on a maternity cover basis . Based within the childrenswear ...

Freelance Designer - Home Textiles
£220 - £250 - Leicestershire, Leicestershire Ref: Q96072 | Published: 24th Apr 2015

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a high-street retailer for an experienced Freelance Designer. This multi-channel retailer, you be overseeing the Home Departmen...

Buying Manager - Food
£40,000 - £45,000 - Middlesex, Middlesex Ref: Q97671 | Published: 24th Apr 2015

A leading retailer & wholesaler is looking to recruit a Buyer Manager to oversee one of the growing product divisions in the Food category. As a Buyer you will be r...

Quest Insights

HR Blueprint redefining Business goals
2014-10-02 10:41:00 UTC

The talent turnover within each job industry ranges widely, yet it is no secret that the retail industry is where the highest levels of staff turnover lies. Andrea Cartwright, Director of HR at SuperGroup has identified that there is a need to define the strategic aims of the business and work out which departments HR needs to focus their attention mainly on, and where they can afford to invest less. Her observation comes after the launch of Hay Group’s HR Blueprint. The concept is based ... Read more.